Personally autographed by 1st Lt. Robert M. DeHaven.

L/E of 950. Signed and numbered by the artist

Size: 28" x 23 1/4"

Price: $125

Pacific ace Lt. Bob DeHaven watches anxiously over his shoulder as the wingman of the mortally wounded Ki-43 "Oscar" tries to maneuver for an advantage on the P-40. With a list of air combat victories that reached 14, Robert M. DeHaven was perhaps the greatest P-40 combat pilot. DeHaven's victory number eight, scored over the Japanese airfields of Wewak-Boram in northern New Guinea, was believed to be Japanese ace Capt. Shigeo Nango. Nango, Executive Officer of the 59th Sentai, was one of the most outstanding Japanese pilots in the theater with 15 victories.