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Roy Grinnell has had a life-long interest in aviation. He imparts compelling tales in his paintings that are a skillful blending of historical fact and an artistic bravado inspired by that interest. With the strong contrast of Roy Grinnell shadow and light, as well as his trademark romantic cloudscapes, his oil paintings capture the nostalgia of a distant era and the excitement of combat.

Like most aviation enthusiasts, Roy is also a collector. A visit to his studio will prove to be a wealth of aviation memorabilia, including patches, autographed photographs, movie posters, models and boxes of rare and new aviation magazines. Most of his souvenirs eventually end up in a painting or as help in research.

Inspiration comes to Roy from many sources - conversations with pilots, traveling to airshows, touring aviation museums or poring through his extensive reference library. But Roy's inspiration is always balanced by his almost obsessive attention to detail. Historical accuracy is Grinnell's "golden rule". Spending an incredible amount of time in researching his subjects, Grinned will go to any extreme to produce the most accurate portrayal, without compromising the artistic integrity of the completed painting.

Historical accuracy alone is not enough. Grinnell believes that the fundamentals of drawing are essential to good art. Upon graduating an honor student of the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, Grinnell spent twelve years as a commercial illustrator in New York. His aircraft and other illustrations have been published in books and magazines such as AIR PROGRESS, AIR FORCE, AMERICAN AVIATION, AND AMERICAN MODELER, NAVAL AVIATION NEWS, POPULAR MECHANICS, READER'S DIGEST, AVIATION, AVIATION ART, as well as many others.

Roy Grinnell is the official artist of the American Fighter Aces Association and a member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, and the Cowboy Artists of America.

Working in both the aviation and western genre, Roy's paintings are featured in major art galleries. Many of his paintings have been published as limited edition.

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American Fighter Aces Aces Art Series:

A unique collection of pilot-signed limited edition prints, highlighting the achievements of America's greatest aces.

Produced from original oil paintings by nationally known aviation artist, Roy Grinnell, these full sized prints measure 24"x30" and are printed on 80-pound, acid-free stock. Each is produced in a limited edition of 1,250 and all are signed by the artist and the individual American fighter ace depicted. The series is published by the American Fighter Ace Museum Foundation, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Proceeds support the Champlin Fighter Museum.

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