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When I look around at the amazing world of birds and animals that God has created I see the creatures that have inspired many of man's greatest achievements. The relationship between creature (life) and machine (non-life) holds many interesting similarities and differences, and much of my inspiration has come from this study. Throughout my life I have been fascinated with flight, so my works of art are an expression of the wonder and curiosity I have for both the birds and the flying machines."

Artist Jody Fulks Sjogren grew up in a family of aviators and, encouraged to fly by her father, had her private pilot's license by the age of 20. She began her art career in the field of medical art after earning a Master of Science degree in Medical Illustration, starting her own business in 1981. Her interest in aviation and the natural world led to the series of limited edition prints for which she is best known, entitled "Metamorphosis," depicting innovative transformations between winged creatures and aircraft. The prints are published by her company and distributed by galleries around the United States and Canada. She now devotes the majority of her time to aviation art, and her works are displayed in many corporate offices, private collections, and public buildings worldwide. She is an artist member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, and an active member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and the New York Society of Illustrators.

Jody Fulks Sjogren shares her experience with a most recent project: "I have always believed that the world of nature provides the original idea for some of man's greatest inventions, and certainly this is nowhere more evident than in the arena of aviation. Since I began my 'Metamorphosis' series some years ago, one of my goals has been to focus awareness on some aspect or characteristic of bird or animal life which has inspired manned flight."I always know that others share my inspiration when someone calls or writes to me and suggests a subject for a new metamorphosis! Some ideas are so interesting that I pursue them to a completed piece of artwork, and occasionally one of those great suggestions comes in the form of a commission.

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