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I am very impressed with the fine detail and meticulous care which you have lavished on these paintings. The originals reveal a level of resolution and colour brilliance that is unmatched.
-Dr. P.C.W., Sydney, Australia

Once again you have painted a wonderful scene, full of colour and interest: the Corsair fighter has never been more beautifully portrayed. What a super start to your new Series. If you are going to portray ALL the great fighter aircraft like this, collectors are in for a real treat!

-Mr. N.R.M., Essex, Erlgland

Nicolas Trudgian is a landscape artist who paints in time-honoured tradition, and it shows in his aviation art. He is also an enthusiast of the magnificent machines of the first half of the 20th century, and paints them with inordinate skill.

Since he exploded on to the fine art scene at the end of the 1980s, Nicolas Trudgian has established himself as a best-selling aviation artist, his prints now ranked with the finest in the world for popularity. His paintings have a compelling quality. Hanging in the gallery, it is simply impossible to walk past one of his works, be it print or original. His work has tremendous impact, and in each there is so much detail to admire.

After three years of formal training in fine art, Trudgian so impressed his college tutors that when he graduated they asked him to join the teaching staff; thus he spent the first years of his professional life teaching others to paint.

As his reputation grew, his commissions gained momentum and he soon found himself painting for some of the large auto and aerospace manufacturers, this leading to further prestigious commissions. It was when he joined up with The Military Gallery and his paintings were first produced as prints, that his reputation began to reach international proportions. Today the quality of his aviation art is recognized right around the world, and demand for his work has justifiably reached remarkable levels

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