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Unlike most aviation artists Matthew Waki's educational background is primarily in the sciences, not in art. He planned on an art career but rather one as a military aviator or astronaut. Poor eyesight ruled out military flying Matthew Waki so his only hope was to become a scientist-astronaut. With a major in Material Science and Engineering, Matt attended the University of Utah before realizing that with the space program winding down after the end of the lunar landings, his chances of becoming an astronaut were slim. Not wanting a nonflying career he dropped out of college.

Matt became aware of the aviation art of Keith Ferris and learned that Keith painted airplanes for a living, but more importantly got to fly in jet fighters. Although art was just a serious hobby for Matt it became a career goal to become good enough to qualify for military flights. Not interested in commercial art, he took only college art classes that were applicable to aviation art.

Matthew Waki's first aviation art print was published in 1979 with the edition quickly selling out. His flying ambitions have been fulfilled with flights in the A-37, AT-38, A-4, F-105, F-4, F-15, and F-16. Matt's flying experience dramatically affects each of his paintings. A contributor to the U.S. Air Force Art Program his originals are on display in the Pentagon, Air Force Museum, and are in the hands of numerous private collectors. After quitting his job in a model airplane shop he became a full-tirne artist / print distributor in 1985.

Of his art career Matt states: "Having paintings in museums and private collections, doing print signings and art shows, and making a living at aviation art is satisfying to the ego of an artist at heart. Unfortunately, those things don't seem to satisfy me. I'm just not an artist at heart. My heart is in the sky with the planes and people that fly. I actually don't enjoy the time I spend painting. I enjoy the satisfaction the completed painting gives me when it successfully makes an emotional link to flying. If my paintings convey to the viewer some of the emotion, some of the feeling of flight, then my goal has been fulfilled."

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